Welcome to our digital Stonerama platform, fellow dopesmoker! Here we will keep you updated on future Stonerama-events. Feel free to browse around in our archive below, featuring links to films, music, texts, artwork by Anita x Karablab, trailers (just click on the images to explore)... all related to the 12 events we've organized in our improvised movie theatre in the smoke room in WORM Rotterdam.

Unfortunately we had to stop our screenings at the end of 2019 due to government regulations forcing the smoke room to close down. This doesn't mean the end of Stonerama though. Where there's smoke, there's Stonerama... If you look for information on any new events, this is the website to check out, or look for Stonerama on facebook.
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#2: THE HELLSTROM CHRONICLE (Walon Green & Ed Spiegel, 1971) | 17-1-2018 + Konvooi Art Festival Brugge 2019
#6: THE GOOSE (Mike Maryniuk, 2018) | 14-11-2018
#3: THE NINE LIVES OF FRITZ THE CAT (Robert Taylor, 1974) | 22-3-2018, together with CULTFILM
#1: EVIL BONG (Charles Band, 2006) | 22-11-2017
#4: 4/20 MASSACRE (Dylan Reynolds, 2018) | 11-4-2018
#5: TRINITY & BEYOND (Peter Kuran, 1995) | 12-9-2018
#11: TROMARAMA: CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH (Lloyd Kaufman, Richard W. Haines, 1986) | 13-11-2019, together with CULTFILM
#7: PLANET OCEAN (Michael Pitiot, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 2012) | 9-1-2019, with live soundtrack!
#8: DOGGIEWOGGIEZ! POOCHIEWOOCHIEZ! (Everything is Terrible, 2012) | 20-3-2019
#9: ETHIOPIQUES - REVOLT OF THE SOUL (Maciej Bochniak, 2017) | 5-6-2019
#10: UP IN SMOKE (Lou Adler, 1978) | 11-9-2019
#12: WAX OR THE DISCOVERY OF TELEVISION AMONG THE BEES (David Blair, 1991) a.o. | 18-12-2019
Fritz the Cat was created by Robert R. Crumb. Check out the amazing documentary by clicking the link.
original artwork by Godmachine